Trip Photos

You can look at some of the pictures taken during the trip. The pictures are organized into photo albums, where each album may be associated with a story. The albums are listed here in reverse chronological order with the most recent album at the top of the table.

Album Title Chapters
Central America   September 2003 - January 2004
Heading back to Mexico - Part 2
Heading back to Mexico - Part 1
Flying home to Canada
El Salvador and Costa Rica
Belize, beautiful Guatemala and El Salvador
North America   February - September 2003
Monte Albán and Chiapas
From Mexico City to Oaxaca
Teotihuacan near Mexico city
Mexico city and its museums
Through Mexico's heartland
Heading to Mexico city across the Bajío
Once more back in Durango 12
Living in Durango 12
Back in Durango 12
Guadalajara and Tequila 11
Falling in love in Durango 11
Having a lot of fun in Durango 11
Beautiful and tranquil Durango 11
Over the Sierra Madre to Durango 11
The road to Mazatlan 10
From La Paz to Los Mochis 10
¿ Habla español? 10
Highway 1, Baja California Sur 9
The dirt road from hell 8
First days in Mexico 8
Tucson and Kitt Peak 7
World Travellers 7
Phoenix, Arizona 7
Joshua Tree 7
San Francisco to LA 7
The Golden Gate 7
San Francisco 7
Grandiose California 6
Las Vegas and Death Valley 6
Zion and the green desert 5
Virtually on Mars 5
The monumental Southwest 5
Into the Southwest 5
The Great Plains 4
Fog, cold and rain 4
Sweet Carolina 3
Preparations and snow in Kitchener 2
Winter in Toronto 1